Strategy Alignment

Strategy management is an ongoing process that defines an institution and provides consistency by focusing its efforts. It requires analytical capacity, thinking out of the box and involves the core teams of an organization.

We use innovative tools, such as the Business Model Generator and Value Proposition Design Tool to evaluate alternatives and set a clear vision & mission.


    • 1.

      Strategy analysis and definition

      We work with our clients to generate strategic thinking, create new perspectives, evaluate scenarios and generate innovative strategies & policies.

    • 2.

      Strategy alignment

      Strategy is in the cross section between a top management vision and middle management objectives. We have an extensive experience in aligning the team to a common vision and setting the formal roadmaps to align strategy into action.

    • 3.

      Industry and market analysis

      We deliver in-depth market analysis, including industry trends; competition reviews; offering competitive forces analysis and positioning analysis, aiming to understand the opportunities, threats, challenges and critical success factors in the industries and market landscape inside which we work.

    • 4.

      Designing and implementing control frameworks

      Management control is the process by which managers align their teams to implement organizational strategies and successfully drive results. We design and implement balanced scorecard and control dashboards, from strategic to budget and operational levels, with a focus on real management execution and action. As also with a risk management framework.


    • Business model generator

      A very visual tool to represent, analyse and evaluate business models, focused on adding value to the clients we work with.

    • Strategy workshops

      Interactive workshops where our team’s insights are fertilized and discussed with the client teams’ own insights and experience, converging into an effective strategy.

    • Balanced scorecard

      Designing and implementing effective strategy-to-action balanced scorecards, drilling down from the overall strategy into a detailed operational focus.

    • Scenario analysis

      Design and evaluate scenarios, analysing multiple relevant dimensions as revenues, market share, risks prevented and resources needed.

    • Risk management framework:

      Framework to identify, evaluate and manage risks, including risk matrix and business continuity planning.


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