Strategic Plan for a Portuguese Telecom Operator

Strategy definition, pricing and market research framework and team at an emergent Telecom and Cable TV operator

Our strategy analysis and operationalization support lead Maxitel to the fastest growing independent operator in Portugal

  • Project and challenges

    As a small emergent operator Maxitel was very aggressive in fixed line, data and cable TV business.

    But the management team lacked structured information on the market and competition, to support decision-making and benchmark options.

    Furthermore, the competitive market with other new entrants, and the need to grow market share fast created a strong pressure to reduce prices.

    In this context it was critical for Maxitel to ensure and effective pricing.

  • Approach

    The team created an Excel toolkit to register market and service data. Key information included service unit volumes (i.e. land lines and mobile users), revenues and investments.

    Procedures for market research were implemented and a team trained. Information was cross-checked to ensure consistency.

    For non existing information (i.e. market share, ARPU) estimation models ensured a solid perspective.

    Expert workshops were delivered to produce estimations and forecasts.

    Using forecast technics and market analysis projections were analyzed.

    Strategy analysis and workshops set up a grow strategy

  • Results and benefits

    The company owned an extensive market data information, clearly classified and tagged with sources, reliability and estimation method to support multiple analysis.

    A monthly analysis with qualitative and quantitative data was delivered to all management team.

    The pricing model was used to benchmark and execute what-if analysis of pricing options.

    The model supported the annual business plan analysis, business and consumer pricing decisions (in particular for large size business customers).

    External and internal data was contrasted to benchmark the company business.

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