Security Governance PMO

Supporting the implementation of 51 security measures and ensuring the governance model, project management and project control and monitoring

PMO office best practices implementation. Governance model definition and methodology development. Control, monitoring and reporting according to the several stakeholders involved. Risk mitigation and problem solving. Support to the implementation and communication management.

  • Project and challenges

    In 2013, the internal audit department of REN identified several recommendations regarding the IT department of Grupo REN, which were organized by type, risk and impact, and then allocated to the IT team.

    Following a significant effort of the IT department throughout 2013 and 2014, there were 51 remaining measures to be implemented, involving 10 internal resources.

    The project needed to have a final push to ensure the implementation of the recommendations according to a new plan, to be presented to the audit committee board of the group.

  • Approach

    The governance model was defined according to the need of REN, supporting a quick implementation and transparency of the work done and to be done throughout the several stakeholders involved.

    Best PMO practices were implemented, supporting the team in all the implementation challenges, and closely monitoring and managing the risks and problems raised from the implementation.

    A new plan and deadlines was established and approved by the management and audit committee board, and several measures were re-organised to allow for synergies in the implementation of the several measures.

    A communication plan was implemented, and a control and tracking of the several deliverables established.

    A clear and organised model was implemented, ensuring tangible and verifiable work products in the several phases of the implementation of the measures: documentation, communication and implementation.

  • Results and benefits

    The new implementation plan was implemented according to the deadlines approved, and promoting the successfully closure of 86% of the remaining measures.

    A transparent information repository was established, according to the implemented methodology.

    The project management tools were developed and fully implemented, establishing the foundations for the management of the remaining measures to be implemented.

    Reporting and communication was successfully established with the several stakeholders involved, with high levels of satisfaction of the end results by all involved.

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