Vendor Management Framework

Optimizing vendor management across the MedLA (Mediterranean and Latin America) region (12 entities/countries)

Evaluating and implementing best practices, Increase regional synergies and collaboration and improve information flows. The project was centred around best practice evaluation and change and a internal tool implementation for reporting

  • Project and challenges

    Axa needed to improve vendor management across the MedLA region, ensuring consistent practices and promoting synergies.

    The project required extensive change management and team engagement to ensure the required transformation.

  • Approach

    Best practices were identified based on e-SCM in domains such as finance, risk, issue, performance and agreement management.

    Focal points were established in every entity and the local vendor managers were engaged.

    A GAP analysis was performed with each entity to identify improvement actions and specific recommendations were establish for each entity training sessions were delivered supported by deployment guidelines packages to improve the entity focus on vendor management.

    The Excel reporting tool was deployed across the region, delivering three reporting cycles with increasing quality of information and all data was consolidated on a regional dashboard.

  • Results and benefits

    Best practice evaluation identified areas needing improvement and defined requirements for transformation.

    The Excel report tool was implemented for reporting across the region providing better information to support decisions.

    Overall the vendor management was reinforced across the MedLA region, reinforcing relationships and increasing leverage trough synergies.

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