Process redesign based on eTOM for a major middle East incumbent telecom operator

The team supported Turk Telecom in designing a strategy and a transformation roadmap to prepare for liberalization

The team used a proven set of global process re-engineering methodology tools and benchmarking based on eTOM to accelerate process and organizational transformation at a incumbent operator

  • Project and challenges

    As the market approached liberalization Turk Telekom needed to increase competitiveness, focus on new services, a more aggressive offering and ensure a more flexible approach.

    Overall the company had disjointed operations, network operations, and distribution resulting in hit-or-miss efforts to serve target clients.

    Furthermore, overlapping capabilities in the product silos drive an inefficient cost structure.

    Turk Telekom lacked structured and documented processes, service oriented, and a focus o the customer service, based on performance indicators.

  • Approach

    Strategy analysis and validation.

    Full process review based on eTOM and CBM (Component Based Methodology) up to level 3.

    Improvement opportunities identification and prioritization.

    Differentiation of Quick Wins from long term initiatives.

    Development of business cases.

    Redesigning processes in line with eTOM (level 3).

    Assigning KPIs to processes and measuring against benchmarks.

    Assessing organizational implications of the to-be processes.

    Defining roles and accountabilities for to-be processes.

    Developing a roadmap for Türk Telekom.

  • Results and benefits

    Aligned headquarter processes that are shared with other Türk Telekom group companies.

    Standardized regional processes

    Designed processes in line with internationally recognized eTOM framework while preserving their applicability to Turkish market, customer profile and culture.

    Standardized while keeping flexibility. Ensured IT alignment with business processes.

    Ensured the involvement of process owners in the process re-design efforts and empower these people with the knowledge and tools to act as process champions in the future.

    Redesigned and documented all to-be processes for Türk Telekom, to be used as a guideline in future phases of this initiative.

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