Merger and Acquisitions

M&A is a consolidation process with the key objective to create shareholder value. M&A should be the tactics to execute a strategy, but not the strategy itself. In most cases, mergers and acquisitions fail.

Our team has supported major M&A deals, both from the financial and transformation perspectives. We focus on the strategic fit, to ensure that there are clear long term objectives, and also by identifying value drivers for the stakeholders. We deliver due diligences, business analysis, risk examination, valuation analysis and information memorandums. We evaluate bids, facilitate the negotiations, support financing agreements and manage the overall transformation after the deal to ensure success.


    • 1.

      Market review and strategic analysis

      M&A’s must be strategy driven, therefore, a key challenge is to have a clear strategy and market analysis, to identify the M&A drivers, therefore understanding requirements and risks. We support major clients in an in-depth analysis, to evaluate the market space, align a strategy and define value drivers for potential M&A’s ̶ and select potential target companies.

    • 2.

      Financing and fund raising

      There are multiple options for financing deals and fundraising. A key challenge is to evaluate the options, select the right partners, negotiate and secure the partners to support the deal. Creative Management team is very experienced and has an extensive network to support financing arrangements.

    • 3.

      Due diligence and business plan review

      Due diligence are key to evaluate the potential M&A success. They must be focused not only on existing capabilities, but also in potential future value from integration. We are experienced in in-depth analysis, thoroughly reviewing the company assets, performance, legal, market, management and information systems.

    • 4.

      Deal negotiation

      Negotiating and closing a deal requires persistence, focus and a clear understanding of both parties expectations.

    • 5.

      Post M&A integration


    • Business modelling and evaluation

      Flexible excel business-modelling tool that integrates all key variables and supports scenario building and decision-making.

    • Potential investor tracking database

      Extensive database with 800+ investors and contacts.

    • Power map analysis

      Stakeholder influence mapping to examine and visually display the relative influence that different individuals and groups have over decision-making.


    • Equity and debt raising for a leading Spanish EPC contractor and IPP
    • Financing strategy for launch of electric buses for a global leader in airport buses
    • Equity and debt raising for a leading global HCPV company
    • IT operations acquisition strategy for a leading IT service deliver company

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