Iberian Railway Market Report

Participation in the first Iberian market which was endorsed by the main railway players in Portugal (CP, REFER), and established as the first complete study to approach the Iberian transport market, with a focus on the railway industry.

  • Project and challenges

    The railway market was facing significant challenges, with the public discussion of high speed trains system in Portugal, liberalisation of the market and privatisation of public companies.

    Alongside the railway market, the Portuguese harbours were in a critical situation facing severe competition from the Spanish harbours, along with deficiencies in the interconnection with railways transportation.

    An overview of the Iberian market, players, companies, environmental impact and technologies and an integrated analysis was missing.

  • Approach

    An expert team of consultants and experts was organised, from legal to technical experts, leaders and internal resources of the main market players and former governmental ministers of transportation in Portugal to develop the first and most complete view of the railway ecosystem.

    We integrated in the overall analysis the workshops were implemented to address the main issues and raise discussion and points of view of the main industry challenges.

    Meetings were held with technical experts to promote knowledge exchange and value added information to the report.

    Information databases were developed to allow for proper data modelling and previsions with as much accuracy as possible.

    More than 40 companies were contacted, and a detailed and rigorous approach to the main entities of the market was analysed (governmental entities, regulatory, associations, specialised press, etc.)

  • Results and benefits

    The market report delivered a detailed approach, and was able to bring together more than 40 experts with significant contributions to the final work.

    Several chapters were publicly published in the main specialised magazine of the industry, and more than 1 000 licensed reports were sold to the several companies of the market.

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