Information Technology Management and Outsourcing

IT management requires a high level of excellence in leadership, communication, business management and application of technologies and, at the same time has a very high level of pressure to ensure efficiency.

Creative Management addresses the full scope of IT management, end to end, from the enterprise architecture, compliance and information organization, workforce supervision, financial and resource management and not the least, operational excellence. Facilitating a move from the traditional technical perspective to value creation and focus on business outcomes.


    • 1.

      IT strategy and architecture

      A major challenge for IT organizations is to move from a pure technical day-to-day operations to a structured IT strategy and architecture management. IT strategy is a key component of business success. We have extensive experience in analysing the challenges, identifying business success criteria, preventing risks, reviewing market trends and, through a collaborative process, defining the IT strategy and architecture.

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      IT organization and processes

      A major challenge for most of the IT organizations is to ensure efficiency, capacity to deliver and focus on value added for the business organization. Our team as supported organizational redesign and process optimization for major companies. Some of the processes transformed include IT planning and controls, demand management, and internal client service delivery.

    • 3.

      IT value analysis and budgeting

      In most organizations, IT is perceived as a spending machine. Costs add up and teams are centered in delivery, often underrating value contribution analysis. Our teams have designed and implemented total cost of ownership for IT infrastructures and budget management to optimize resources and focus on value creation.

    • 4.

      IT dashboards and balanced scorecard

      Effective management requires clear information and the ability to drill down to the relevant detail. Most dashboards are designed by technical teams, without management relevancy and information design that maximizes the value of data. Creative management approach merges design experience with management skills, to spotlight performance and leverage decisions.

    • 5.

      Portfolio and demand management

      Often IT resources are stretched too thin and pressured to reduce costs. But, to address market transformation, business units request more and expect shorter time to market. In this context, managing an IT portfolio and effectively prioritizing projects, always aiming on value for business, are critical to IT success. Our team has lead major portfolio and demand management design and implementation projects, to optimize delivery and create value.

    • 6.

      IT outsourcing strategy, contracting and management

      Sourcing is the proactive management of service to ensure access to adequate internal or external resources, required for the long term needs of the firm. Requires understand of supply market characteristics, identification of relevant potential suppliers, definition of a strategy and set the objectives for the service. Our team has extensively defined outsourcing strategies, designed service models, managed selection processes, delivering and negotiating major contracts.

    • 7.

      Software factory optimization

      The key challenges of software development are delivering real value for business, quality management and efficiency. We have redesigned organizations, optimized processes, implemented effective software metrics and refocused organizations on value for business, to improve capacity to deliver.


    • TIME analysis

      Gartner application portfolio analysis evaluates the existing portfolio base on business and technology variables.

    • Outsourcing contract database

      More that 80 reference clauses and 30 different contracts.

    • COBIT

      Reference tool to evaluate and define processes. Our COBIT 5.0 model allows us to evaluate process maturity and dimension IT staffing.

    • ITIL

      Reference framework for service delivery processes.

    • IT platforms framework

      Comprehensive view of the IT platforms ecosystem in an organization, by platform function and interdependent functions.

    • Budget and cost analysis tool

      Database model for detailed cost analysis (capex/opex), both for budget management and total cost of ownership analysis.

    • eSCM (e sourcing capability model)

      Reference framework for Vendor Management (Carnegie Mellon University) describes 95 best practices. We have a template to evaluate, maturity and implement specific best practices.


    • Vendor Management Framework
    • IT and architecture roadmap for Swiss mobile operator
    • Vendor management framework implementation at major European insurance company
    • IT strategy, organization and team dimensioning for a energy distribution company in Southern Europe
    • IT budget management and control for Portugal Telecom
    • Outsourcing strategy and major contract renegotiation for major oil and gas company
    • From in-house to outsourcing: strategy and implementation for a major Media group
    • Desktop outsourcing for a Portuguese media group
    • Outsourcing model and contract for a Spanish gas company
    • Outsourcing framework for a Portuguese government institution
    • Outsourcing contract renegotiation for a Portuguese telecom operator
    • Application support outsourcing for postal company in Southern Europe

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