5 Year Strategic Plan

Supporting the 5 year strategic development plan for the main institute in portugal for leisure, sport and cultural promotion and future transformation in public foundation

Strategic analysis of the several markets in which INATEL developed it’s activity. Market research and data modelling. Organisation structure analysis and re-definition. Financial analysis, investment definition and business plan development. Legal and contractual situation analysis and development of future contractual model between INATEL and the Portuguese government.

  • Project and challenges

    INATEL was a governmental institute responsible for the development of leisure, sports and culture throughout Portugal, with over 1 000 employees, 22 delegations throughout the country, 11 sports facilities, 20 vacation center’s and thermal installations and 4 camping parks.

    With a significant infra structure and network of equipments, INATEL board needed a 5 year plan to embrace the transformation of the public institute into a public foundation, and react to the challenges and opportunities that they were facing by the private sector in terms of leisure offer development and sports activities.

    The national tourism and leisure governmental plan established in 2007 opened several development opportunities for INATEL to innovate in it’s offer, and to promote an internal change in terms of business orientation and service quality.

  • Approach

    A team of senior experienced consultants was established to approach the several areas needed to be addressed. Market research and data modelling was thoroughly analysed and processed, and crossed with INATEL results and activities.

    A detailed organisation analysis was made on it’s several activities (financial, structure organization, HR, IT, marketing and sales, operations support, procurement, etc.), complemented with an interactive analysis of the internal HR expectations regarding the departmental challenges and market opportunities, using interviews, departmental meetings, internal surveys and onsite visits to several infra structures, allowing for the involvement of the internal HR sources of the institute.

  • Results and benefits

    A new strategic paradigm was developed and presented to the board, involving organization restructuration, quick wins projects, financial predictions and investment needs.

    A contractual future model was designed to be negotiated with the government regarding the transformation of INATEL in a public foundation.

    An investment and funding plan was delivered to potentiate the several changes to be implemented in 5 years.

    A balanced scorecard with clear objectives, deadlines and targets were identified in it’s several perspectives (financial, customer, internal and leaning and growth)

    Also, the team presented an organization restructuring plan, supported by detailed project and activities to be implemented, and quick wins to capitalize and promote internal change in the organization.

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