Business Modelling and Financing

Business modelling and budgeting are keys to formalize a strategy.

We engage senior management teams to evaluate scenarios and define resources required to deliver solid business plans and results.


    • 1.

      Business Modelling

      Business modelling is a key tool to design and set a strategy. We create business models with different levels of complexity, from start-ups to growth strategies and from transformation to turn-around.

    • 2.

      Pricing analysis and sensitiveness

      Pricing analysis is multifaceted and requires both a market and margins examination. We work with our clients to scrutinize and define pricing models that strengthen growth.

    • 3.

      Annual budgets

      We set up interactive work sessions to converge and deliver organization budgets (single or multi-year) that are both “top-down” and “bottom-up”.

    • 4.

      Financing strategy and negotiation

      We evaluate financing options and support financing rounds to maximize results.


    • Risk analysis and Monte Carlo Simulation

      Using excel modelling and @RISK decision analysis toolkit to carry out risk analysis, Monte Carlo simulation, sensitivity analysis and forecasting.

    • Business Modelling Tool

      Flexible excel business-modelling tool that integrates all key variables and supports scenario building.


    • Business modelling for a software as a service ERP solution consortium
    • 20 year business model and forecast analysis for a major southern Europe cable operator
    • Strategic plan (5 year) for a emerging telecom operator in Portugal
    • Business plan and financing options for a Power electronics company in Spain
    • Design, implement and deliver monthly budget control for IT spending at Portugal Telecom
    • Business model for a new datacentre for Portugal Telecom

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