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Art expression at the office

Sweet dreams are made of this…
João Fonte Santa is officially our artist in residence (O Colapso da Civilização), compelling us to travel in space and time as we enter the new office with four of his large paintings.

In the left, just as we enter, a dissonance note of pure pop, strike the otherwise greyish space with sparks of colour, with a somehow mischievous statue of liberty, to remind us that life is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury signifying nothing (Miss Liberdade, 210x130 cm, acrílico s/tela, 2005/15).


While moving through the room, we are moved back in time to the XIX century Deux ans de vacances book by Jules Verne, as we face a contemplating scene, of rocks and peaceful sea, wondering of extraordinary journeys (Désordre Véritablement Grandiose, 145x123 cm, acrílico s/tela, 2015)


At the large converging wall, dominating the open space, a powerful Soviet military transport helicopter from the sixties, carrying a trunk, has a striking peaceful stillness that is projected throughout the entire room (Mil Mi-10, 230x190 cm, acrílico s/tela, 2005/13).


Finally, we enter the meeting room, and we dream dazzled with the International Space Station majestically hovering on the black space, with imposing golden solar panels (ISS, 132x132 cm, acrílico s/tela, 2012).